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I think Tim Kaine is first choice, followed by Tom Vilsack, both people she trusts, and I think would be a good balanced ticket especially with the craziness of Trump and all the other unrest going round., No Senate seats would be lost–no small thing going forward since recent numbers on some current Republican Senate seats are stronger than I’d like. I’m so strong for Kaine because of what Congress may look like at the end of the election, and he has a wealth of experience the others just don’t match.

Pennyslvania has been moving more toward Clinton, and Iowa has a small edge.
Virginiia looks solid (as of now), and Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan look good for now.
Trump keeps running stronger numbers in Florida. EEK.
And Ohio looks like it will go all the way down to the wire. I’m unconvinced that Brown as a running mate would change anything.
All of this is NOW though. There’s most likely more to contend with before it’s all over.
And finally, for all the V.P. talk, most pollsters say people vote for the front runner, not the Veep.
The last time a Veep truly counted was with Kennedy and LBJ bringing in Texas.