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The romance itself between Britt and J.T. is gentle and sweet and exactly the relationship both characters need. Long has a heroine in recovery from an abusive husband, and the abuse narrative helps explain Britt’s struggles to regain her former confidence in herself. In flight from emotional and physical abuse and a strong sense of self-failure, Britt has set aside her artistic talents, her education, her competitive spirit and even her fun-loving nature to withdraw from life. I found her struggles very believable and I was utterly charmed by Britt’s love of restoring things in life that had taken a beating: bedraggled plants, old furniture, and even a washed-up actor who arrives in town in the first chapter. J.T. is a bit of a mix of a-has-been movie star, a struggling pop icon, and a craftsman in the art of acting. I personally appreciated the craftsman side of his character, and I think it saves him from the pitfalls of celebrity culture in that he is good at his job and can ultimately survive the vagaries of a fickle public. Also, J.T.’s care for his craft lends him credibility in Britt’s eyes and allows her to see beyond the movie star to the very human beneath the facade.