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I’m not at all surrounded by progressives or even all that many Democrats, so I don;t have that push coming at me. I have either a few outright Hillary supporters or the “nose holders.”

I honestly like Elizabeth Warren but IMO she’ll have far more of a voice and clout in the Senate than she would have as vice president (or even presiding over the House) to me. We get all excited about elections and that’s “usually” fine, but Congress is where the work is done, This year the biggest thing at stake is the getting Hillary elected for the benefit of the Supreme Court first and foremost or the neocons/tea party/etc and such are going to continue to try to roll back on social gains. Besides, we had lots of noise and excitement for Obama–and rightly so–but just look at what happened with the Congress, Districts are so gerrymandered toward Republican candidates.

Since Hillary’s a woman, honestly I’d like to see a man on the ticket for those whites not making all the noise the progressives are. Older voters who are more likely to vote quietly than younger voters making noise before the election.. That’s history.The progressives will vote for Hillary or a third party, but they sure aren’t going to vote for Trump. The “quiet voters” as I call them may see more balance with a Kaine or Vilsak, both of whom have a good history with Hillary, good chemistry, and good track records all of their own.They’re both more engaging when you watch them in a political debate. Even if Hillary wins she’s unlikely to take the House where most Congressional work starts and ends (and who knows about taking the Senate?–not looking good at the moment). I think after this part of the process is over–some voters attracted by a white man in office beside Hillary who has her own strong pull with minorities–they key thing is getting something, ANYTHING, done in Congress. Platforms are fine but you have to get them through the whole of Congress.

I just worry about the non-noise makers who might be more likely to vote for a Southern or Midwest VP on the ticket, people more in the middle of the political spectrum than at either end. Besides, we already will win Massachusetts as we will New Jersey. We need Virginia or Iowa far more.

(1) We’ll still have a woman president.
(2) With a man in the secondary position for a change.
(3) The progressives get their platform planks.
(4) Sanders and Warren will still be in Congress to try to effect progressive change.
(5) And in the end it’s all about the election, not the primaries or the platform when all the noise dies down (and soon I hope).

In all honesty, you can see I believe there are more (quiet, non poll-taking)) voters in the center and the minorities who will make the final decision. Oh, and those smart enough to know how dangerous Trump is I don’t think Pence brings anything much at all to the ticket except as a sop for some Republicans and as an echo chamber for Trump who will never give up the limelight,