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I’m not worried so much about the apathy issue in general as those who just don’t want either Trump or Clinton primarily. And then there’s younger voters who in the past tend to drop in numbers routinely on election day. I could see Bernie supporters doing that as well.. But I’m not as worried about progressives and socialists as I am about the center that is being left behind by both parties. Not every Republican supports Trump and not every Democrat is a progressive. While younger voices have verily been heard during the primary part of this season, polls in the past generally show older voters turning out.more than younger ones, In the end, my guess the real voting choice is For Trump or Against Trump…, no matter who the VPs are.

Oh, just FYI, I live in the lefty Northeast. Always have, including higher ed.. But I have relatives across the country, particularly the South for a perspective. My first election as an activist was for JFK, and it goes on from there. Unless this year is different–and it well could be–all the shouting and yelling stops on election day and individuals get in line to vote or not. It’s not as much fun just standing in a line to vote as it is to generate campaign excitement and noise. I think long-time committed voters will vote (for either party) as they always have, or the excitement will be over Trump– fer or agin.