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well it appears trump is in it to help hillary win. He’s Good friends with the Clintons and Bill encourages him to run as a populist.
trump’s brownshirts are driving Conservatives out of the gop. Trump says he wants to turn the gop into the Worker”s party. No one at tthe rnc convention mentions Conservatism. Trump’s kids are registered democrats and friends with Chelsea Clinton

polls have Clinton up. It looks like she will have a landslide win. trump wil have his base of 38%. Conservatives will stay home cause why vote for a guy who panders to alt right racists who call you cuck or Cohen(anti-semite slur on Jews).

Prediction— Madam President. Trump will denounce the gop and start praising the Clintons again.. In two years he’ll be back to golfing with Bill. Mission Accomplished