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Maggie Boyd
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And frankly, I am also tired of the Hilary is a criminal rhetoric, the we lost so she must have cheated rhetoric. She ran a better campaign, her people worked harder, she had a better machine in place. End of story. Perhaps this favors the wealthy and well connected but that’s life. It favors the wealthy and well connected. This is not the year for these people to cry over their soup about not getting what they wanted. Most of the time the Republicans put up a minor threat to people’s way of life. I might have thought W was incompetent and not liked him much. I didn’t agree with his values a lot of the time and I didn’t think much of his performance. But he was not a threat to fifty years plus work by the civil rights movement. He did not incessantly insult our neighbors. He knew we had a constitution. He showed up to his conventions prepared. Maybe others did the work but at least he was ready. I see Trump as a very big threat. He can’t open his mouth without lying, insulting or just plain getting facts wrong. His convention concentrated on his strength – the line that Hilary is worse. Yep, no nice things to say about their own candidate, just an endless rant of Hilary lies, cheats and steals. Look in the mirror buddy – you’ll see a liar, cheater, thief there too.

Most elections I really don’t care much. I vote democrat typically but I don’t cry the following morning if the Republican wins. I’m normally pretty confident that both parties will continue to put up a fight for what each wants and what trickles down to us little folk will be a mixed bag. But the Tea Party members are not willing to play nice with anyone and present a real and present danger imo. And now we have a complete nut job vying for the top office in the land and he is backed by some scary, scary people. The last thing the dems need are the tantrum throwing Bernie supporters whining on and on about their candidate. We need to defeat the enemy, then we can go back to fighting amongst ourselves.

Whew, rant over. And sorry for the broken up posts but the site wouldn’t let me do the longer version.