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Maggie said:

, I’m not sure that is exactly true. The RNC has relatively few ethnic voters within it’s ranks from what I understand

Thanks for the links. Though I have tried to avoid any news regarding the RNC, there is no escaping it, even in Canada. So perhaps the news coverage from Canada focused in on minority groups/delegates “proudly” announcing that their state voted for Trump. And I am not just puzzled by US politics, though I admit to not fully understanding how the presidential nomination process works.

I am left-of-centre on social issues, so it baffles me why any marginalised person would vote for a political candidate that holds bigoted views, or why a woman would vote for a candidate that is, to me, clearly not supportive of women’s’ rights. I was well in to my 20s, and I was still hearing (a lot) that I am naïve. Perhaps I still am.

Blackjack1 said:

there is some hope.

I’ll take that!