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Lynda X
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I, too, love/d LMR, but unfortunately, I gulped down her books and now, I love her not so much because they are all essentially the same. My all-time favorites are MIDNIGHT MAN and MIDNIGHT ANGEL. Almost as good were MIDNIGHT QUEST, MIDNIGHT RUN, and MIDNIGHT VENGEANCE. M. QUEST is a sequel to MIDNIGHT VENGEANCE. Her Eliz. Jennings’ books are A LOT like her LMR books. My favorites are PURSUIT (a lot like MIDNIGHT MAN) and SHADOWS AT MIDNIGHT.

You might like Sarah McCarty who writes similar books. Usually, the heroine has a history of having been sexually abused and the hero is v. protective. I especially liked PROMISES LINGER about a woman who has to marry to save her ranch (a marriage of convenience) and PROMISES PREVAIL about a chubby woman who has been married in the past to an abusive man. SAM’S CREED is about a Texas Ranger who has tracked a Mexican woman who is running from her finance. I love some McCarty’s books, but others have left me cold, so check them out before you buy them.