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Beginning with the Sixteen Songs Challenge

You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again – Roy Orbison – Read a book about an older h/h

Apples Should be Red is a novella (114 pp.) written by Penny Watson, published in 2014.

Tom Jenkins is a 62 year old widower who smokes, cusses and is more than happy keeping the world at a distance – both physically and psychologically. Beverly Anderson is a 59 year old proper, mannerly widow who always follows society’s conventions and has systems for completely everything. Unfortunately for them, their children are married to each other and want to spend the Thanksgiving holiday as a family. Because “their kids’” house is under repairs from a burst pipe and Beverly’s home is suffering a termite infestation, the job of host falls to Tom. With Beverly arriving early to get the holiday preparations under way, Tom and she have to learn to get along for a few brief days. Not only will they have to tolerate each other’s differences but even come to accept them as they begin to open up and, perhaps, accept even more.