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Was just thinking recently — REALLY tired of the h/h having some kind of drug addict mother. I feel like I went through a lot of contemporaries where this was a popular trope, setting up trust issues or drama for the h/h later down the line. (In historicals, it’s not a drug addiction, but it could be something else that made the mother REALLY bad.) Or just in general, having some kind of terrible mother. Similarly, heroines who have really terrible mothers. I mean, not everyone has to have a great relationship with their mothers, but I feel like a lot of the language used to describe the mothers is really problematic and draws on stereotypes about women that are disappointing to read in books written by other women! (See: the “trashy bimbo blonde fake boob model” foil for the heroine. ENOUGH ALREADY!)

As I was reading the posts, I was thinking something similar to what you posted about the terrible mothers. However for me, I am really tired of the hero or heroines who were abused horribly as children to serve as the only characterization. It just seems too overdone for something that is so terrible. And like another poster, I get annoyed by PTSD being used as a plot point. The one’s that really stand out for me are Fifty Shades by E. L. James, Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole, and all the awful things the characters had to endure in Suzanne Brockmann’s Breaking the Rules.