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Marian Perera
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Lil :

She and her son go off to build a new life, minus wealth and titles, and the count eventually goes off with Haydée. (Did she even make it into the movie?)

I watched the movie some time ago, but I don’t recall Haydee being in it. Then again, doesn’t she start out as a slave? I can see why the film decided not to go there.

Eggletina :

Not a romance, but Alfred Bester’s SF novel, The Stars My Destination is a really twisted retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Ben Bova’s novel Mercury is also a retelling of the story, set on, well, Mercury. It’s also one of the few books I wanted to throw to the floor, then jump up and down on, and only its status as a library copy saved it. Sounds like The Sea Hawk may be the closest I’ll get. Right now I’d love to read a similar dramatic, revenge-driven story that’s not only a romance but also has a heroine who’s as strong and active in the story as the hero, maybe even helping to get him freed. The kind of retelling that Courtney Milan might write, maybe. 🙂