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Kristen Donnelly
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I have several, disconnected thoughts.

First, there are times I think it can be a kindness to let people know something is going to be a “rougher” read, but I never want an author to compromise plotting or dramatic tension to do so. Almost like a “viewer discretion advised”, which is how I usually word trigger warnings if I put them in reviews. I don’t think there should be trigger tags on the back copies, like “warning: rape inside”. This is especially true because if you are someone who is super sensitive to a particular theme, Goodreads is HAPPY to spoil everything for you.

However, I also agree with your points above! This is where my thoughts are disconnected…

Where I will, in a review, throw a big old TW up is if something is happening in the book that the book thinks is good but I think is abusive. I read a book once where it was portrayed as super sexy that the hero wouldn’t let the heroine call her family because he wanted to be her whole world. The book made this seem dangerous and wonderful. I found it to be a classic case of domestic violence and felt the deification of the hero for that behaviour was wrong. So that got a call out from me. But would you guys say that’s different than a TW?