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I thought I would like this story much more than I did. The problem was I really didn’t like the heroine. Her reticence and her devotion to her mother and friend seemed more like self-absorption than self-sacrifice. Although she had a tragedy to get over early in her life, it takes her quite a while to face her demons. In the process, she makes demands on Billy’s life that I felt were a little unrealistic. Towards the end, things fall in place for Sophie, but I felt like she didn’t change enough to deserve what fell in her lap.

Because I just couldn’t get on board with the heroine and the story is told in first person, I would give the book a “C.” At times, the story *did* move me but many other times, I was rolling my eyes over how predictable it was and how much the heroine annoyed me. I just couldn’t really see what the hero saw in her.


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