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What changes are you thinking about, Sonya? I can tell you that the BBC has “sanitised” one episode in the books and I am sorry they did it but I accept that times move on and so a critical issue in the books has been changed to keep the occurrence more au fait with current tastes and sensibilities. Another incident of putting 21st century values on the 18th.

What irritates me about that is some fans of the current series have been putting down the 1970’s version — because, for some reason, we can’t like that *too* — by saying that the current series is more faithful to the books and Winston Graham’s son said he would’ve been happier with it as a result. And yet, when they make these kind of changes to this adaptation, it’s all good!

To be honest, just based on season one of this version, I thought the 1970’s series did a much better job of bringing the villagers and Cornwall to life. There were a lot of wonderful subplots and supporting characters that this current series has just dropped, including some comic relief. It’s too much “in love” with Aiden Quinn and Ross to the detriment of everything else.