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By teaching children the modern words of the digital age we are enabling them to find out more about the world than can ever be contained in a dictionary.

I’d wager that kids today know far more about the tech world than they do about the outdoor world. Call me skeptical but my experience is that people on phones aren’t talking to people in other cultures, or on the Internet researching history or other current cultures, but instead are playing games or talking to friends.. I’ve seen plenty of articles that found that even adults tend to go to the sites that they already agree with than to others in order to learn to learn something new.

Two examples:

My neighborhood has pristine, manicured lovely lawns, BUT you never see anyone doing anything outside in those lovely places unless it’s cutting the grass, etc.. No playing kids, no reading, no talking, no sitting just to take in the sunrise or sunset,

My son games with Europeans mainly, but they’re online to play, not discuss international issues. They do talk to one another but it’s mostly fun and jokes, which is great for enjoying one’s time, but if it were me–a non-gamer–I’d want to talk about their lives.

Oh, I just thought of a third example. My neighbors keep their properties mostly scalped clean–three acres plus each–that is. no extra trees or bushes helping with oxygen here! I turned a goodly portion of my back acreage back to the wild and OMG! we have deer, foxes, rabbits, bees, butterflies and the lot. Oh, the horror of nature intruding on our sanitized, picture-perfect lives! LOL