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Different genres have different disliked tropes, and a lot of these are really only because they are done to death and I’m ready for something new.

General romance: arguing turns to kissing, just because I see it *all the time* in fiction and like..never in real life. Anybody I dislike, I actually dislike.
Main characters who everyone ever is attracted to. I have such an eyeroll reaction when the hero can make *every* woman swoon or the heroine has legions of men chasing after her. Nobody has a 100% success rate!

Paranormals: Love triangles where it’s a woman torn between two men, one of whom is nice to her, the other is a “bad boy” and she ends up with the bad boy — …. it’s fine on it’s own but it’s so predictable especially when drawn out over several books.
Books with werewolves where female werewolves are really rare, again, because it’s overdone and I rarely see anything different.
Male “full” supernatural with woman “lesser” supernatural.

Contemporary; the cartoonishly evil ex. I can accept it in historicals because there’s often reasons why a character might end up with somebody terrible (arranged marriage, women especially didn’t have a lot of say, etc.) but sometimes it’s just so laughable how the author has to make the ex have no redeeming qualities at all.
Very feminine characters being portrayed as evil to contrast the tomboyish heroine, who is of course just as lovely as the evil “other woman” even though she spends no time on her appearance.
Cop/military heroine who constantly needs rescuing by the hero. Just make her a teacher already!

Historicals: when authors have no problem being historically accurate to justify ill-treatment of the heroine, but is totally historically unrealistic when it comes to things like childrearing because our modern sensibilities want a heroine who breastfeeds, doesn’t have governesses, and basically has completely 21st century ideas about raising kids
“Surprise” virgin or “surprise” nobleman. More like “surprise! you thought you were reading something different, and turns out it’s the same as the other 10 books you just read!”