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Dream a Little Dream is mawkish and melodramatic. As if the opening chapters of a homeless Rachel weren’t bad enough, the hero’s brother has the heroine put in jail later in the book, as I recall. It made me teary, and though I usually appreciate an author who is able to get an emotional response from me, it felt extremely manipulative in this book. SEP too the down-on-her-luck trope and magnified it by 100 in this one.

Parts of Piper’s characterization though really worked for me, but Chrisreader’s point about Piper’s own sexism was jarring. I had trouble with Piper reducing other women to stereotypes. I couldn’t figure out if Piper was meant to be someone with really bad judgment as well as lack of self-perception or if Phillips’s was expressing some latent sexism herself, or both.

Also, can SEP retire the spanking scenes in her books going forward? This is the third book of hers that I’ve read where the hero spanks the heroine prior to sex. Ick!