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    I love historical romance – and particularly Regency romances. Until about two months ago I could have added that I loved only M/F regencies. (that’s all I knew!) I owned the first in the Society of Gentleman trilogy but kept moving it down in my TBR queue because I was convinced m/m wasn’t something I would like. I consider myself a fairly open-minded person – I mean, I lived in the Castro in San Francisco for six years and I have many gay friends. But I thought my typical response to conversations about gay rights – ‘it’s none of my business what happens in someone’s bedroom’ applied to reading about it too.

    I was wrong.

    I love m/m romance – and if it’s historical (and regency!) I like it even better. The dialogue is different, the freedom its characters have in society (no chaperones!) is different, the issues the men deal with – all different & interesting & compelling! And the sex! It’s fascinating! Or, that’s what I discovered when I finally cracked open A Fashionable Indulgence and finally understood what everyone (and AAR) was raving about.

    I immediately read everything by KJ Charles I could get my hands on (Think of England is my favorite), moved onto Joanna Chamberlain, Ava March, Summer Devon, Bonnie Dee and Alex Beecroft. I also dipped my toes in contemporary m/m & enjoyed Sarina Bowen/Elle Kennedy’s Him & Us and Glitterland by Alexis Hall. All are well reviewed for good reason. I’ve read a few more – but I’m loyal to my first love – historical romance and looking for another author to become obsessed with.

    Do you read m/m? Do you like it? Love it? Which authors are your favorites?

    Beverley Jansen
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    I think you know how much I enjoy reading m/m, queer romances and LGBTQ books in general. I’m looking forward to hearing about what you find and enjoy 😀

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    I don’t know how particular you are about a Regency setting, but Joanna Chambers has a series set in Scotland (I think) that would be “near Regency”. Harper Fox, Tamara Allen and WA Hoffman (“Raised By Wolves” series) are also authors with one or more historical fiction stories – but not regencies – you might consider.

    Emily Wittmann
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    Nblibgirl –
    I’ve read Joanna Chambers – I typed Joanna Chamberlain in my original post & just noticed it! I have Harper Fox in my queue – but Tamara Allen and WA Hoffman are new names for me. Thank you for the suggestions!
    E. B. Wittmann

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