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    Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen follows on 3 years after Cryoburn. It’s mainly about Cordelia, who is now 76 (older than my mum!) but I think in Betan terms, maybe that’s considered 40s or 50s. I can’t say too much as then it would be spoiling the previous book. And my initial post was too long, so I will just say that this is not quite the typical Vorkosigan book – there are no crazy plots against the empire or mystery which our hero needs to solve. It’s more of a mature book about moving on and finding yourself again. I liked Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance better. What did everyone think?

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    I really liked this book. It was a lot slower than your usual Miles Vorkosigan book but still a lot of fun in a mellow sort of way. Also an eye-opening look at Aral’s and Cordelia’s relationship. Unexpected to say the least. Miles as a father was a revelation.

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    I agree with rdk about the Aral and Cordelia. I wish it wasn’t so though, but I feel LMB put it in to highlight Cordelia’s Betan nature. However what I thought was quite empowering was her and Jole being a couple – she is a true cougar as he’s 26 years younger. The whole storyline about the IVF and uterine replicators was also very interesting, and makes us think if we could have this in the future in our own world. I really like the idea of a uterine replicator – but it’s really quite a way from Dolly the sheep. This is a slow-moving book, reflective, and about second chances at love, while being true to the first love. I think older readers may enjoy it more, as they may identify better with a 76-year-old widowed Cordelia

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    I’m going to have to reread it at some point: because I was expecting Milesian complications, I kept seeing foreshadowing where none was intended. (‘They mothball their warships here – Space Battle to come!!!’) I liked the romance, was less sure about the HEA – wouldn’t be how I’d want to spend my 70s, but the more I thought about it, the more it felt right for Cordelia.

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