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  • RichMissTallant
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    Hi all,

    I have a pretty active Twitter account but I’ve never used it to talk about romance novels, except with friends. I was thinking, it would be nice to follow more authors or Twitter accounts that are pretty active in Romancelandia. Aside from individual authors (I don’t even know who uses Twitter actively and who doesn’t!), can anyone recommend good accounts to follow?

    I’m on Facebook as well but I don’t like it as much.

    Sonya Heaney
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    I hope someone can help. I started off talking about romance on Twitter, but now my account is more about Eastern European politics than anything, so I’m no use! I actually don’t find Twitter a very good place to discuss books. A handful of the “popular crowd” chat to each other, and that’s about it.

    Dabney Grinnan
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    The USA today people are good. @HEAusatoday

    Wendy the Super Librarian. @SuperWendy

    Heroes and Heartbreakers. @heroesnhearts

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    Here are some that I follow on twitter: All about Romance @AllAboutRomance, Sarah Wendell @Smart Bitches (She also has a sign up for a fun e-mail she sends out on Fridays with Steals and Deals), DearAuthor@dearauthor Romance Novel Hub@RomanceNovelHub, RT Book Reviews @RT_Magazine

    I appreciate newsletters that some authors send out where they talk about what their working on and upcoming release dates. I sign up for these at their websites. Some I get include: Kristen Ashley, Karina Bliss, Elizabeth Hoyt, Jennifer Ashley, and Jayne Krentz.

    Goodreads has some fun things like Daily Deals that they e-mail and I have some authors I follow (on Goodreads) so sometimes I get notified about giveaways or Q &A’s. I also get to see what my friends and family are reading. I also follow some readers there like Laurie Gold (from an earlier AAR time).

    If you like Loretta Chase and/or historicals, on Pinterest follow TwoNerdyHistoryGirls. The fashion and dresses they show are amazing. I also follow Kristen Ashley on Pinterest for her humor.

    I would like to try some # twitter hashtags like I think there are some #FridayReads or maybe some for weekend reading. If anyone knows any good hashtags for romance reading, please share. Thanks

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    I use Twitter to follow my favorite authors. I don’t use it to “chat” – conversations are hard to have/follow unless you have the time to be really interactive – so much as to know when they’ve got new books coming, or they are blogging on their own or someone else’s site, or appearing at an event. Twitter is great for that type of info/news.
    I dislike FB intensely and it bums me out when authors use FB vs their own blog/website for sharing news. And like FB, I’ll be damned if I’m going to give Amazon or GoodReads any more information about myself than they’ve already got by “following” authors there.

    On the other hand, working for a small business myself, I really feel for authors. The pressure they are under to “be” everywhere online is intense. I get that FB is “easy” – both for them and their fans. But I’ll keep being proactive and going to their sites/blogs. Twitter is nice because it is so easy for author’s to automatically publish news from a website or blog to Twitter. . . (they can write in one place and a headline gets auto-generated into their Twitter feed.

    But I’m a newbie on Twitter, so I mostly follow people. Haven’t quite got the #hashtag thing down . . .

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