Biographical Fiction

The Lady of the Lakes

Josi S. Kilpack takes on the love life of Sir Walter Scott in The Lady of the Lakes, a fictionalized account of the two defining romances of his life; with Wilhelmina “Mina” Belsches-Stuart, his childhood sweetheart, and Charlotte Carpenter, his eventual wife and his self-proclaimed ‘best love ...


For anyone who enjoys historical fiction, there’s a lot to enjoy about Victoria. However, for lovers of historical romance, there is less so. Ms. Goodwin’s novel follows the young queen from her coronation to her engagement to Albert and is as much about a young woman learning to be queen as it ...

The Hamilton Affair: A Novel

I'm hesitant to say that I have an obsession or an addiction to Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical masterwork Hamilton: An American Musical; I prefer to say that I have a relationship. I listen to the soundtrack obsessively, I've read Chernow's source material, I've watched most of the #Ham4Hams, the usua ...