Digital reissue


Jill Mansell's books have been reliable, comfort read for me for years, so I’ve been delighted that many of her older, hard to find books are being released as e-books. Sadly, however, Solo – originally a 1991 release – didn’t work for me. While I liked parts here and there, overall I despis ...

Aly's House

When, in an Author’s Note,  an author apologizes for a reprint of an older book, especially when it’s a romance and she’s moved away from writing romances, you have to wonder if the book will hold up to the author’s current writing skills. And Aly’s House does. It’s well-written with go ...


If you like Jo Goodman, you’re probably wishing there were more Wild West stories in the same vein. Fortunately for you, back in 1996, Patricia Potter wrote Diablo. Kane O'Brien (known as 'Diablo’) can best be described as ‘white-trash Confederate’: not a former slave owner, he joined up ...