Games People Play series

The Negotiator

In HelenKay Dimon’s Games People Play series, the heroes are all men who bonded in their youth when they were taken under the wing of someone named Quint, who saved them from the downward spirals they were in, helped all of them learn to utilise their unique skill-sets and set them on the straight ...

The Enforcer

The Enforcer is the second book in HelenKay Dimon’s Games People Play series of romantic suspense novels, which feature heroes who supply skills and services that are perhaps not available from typical law-enforcement organisations; finding people who don’t want to be found, obtaining  and usin ...

The Fixer

The professional fixer, the shadowy figure who “fixes” problems and simply makes them disappear, is like the undercover spy. They are dark and mysterious figures operating on the outskirts of society. Unlike the spy, however, the fixer is a darker, more dangerous creature, not just an outcast of ...