short story

Lady Ann's Excellent Adventure

Set in 1802, Lady Ann’s Excellent Adventure is a perfect gem of a short story, full of verve and joy and I simply fell in love with it. The Earl of Evesham is merrily tooling his new curricle through the streets of London when he spots a young woman perched in a tree. He approaches her after convi ...

Desperate Measures

Set in 1810, Desperate Measures is a romance that takes place during one evening at a ball. Young Lydia Bettridge is suffering from the pangs of unrequited love. She’s desperate to have her brother’s friend, the Golden God, Geoffrey Danforth, notice her, so she and another of her brother’s fri ...

The 4th Man

I’ll be blunt here.  I don’t approve of the short story prequel trend as I find one of two things tends to happen with this particular gimmick. The first is that I wind up paying an extra few dollars for information that is absolutely vital to the story and should have been included in the book ...