Marian Perera


I'm Marian, originally from Sri Lanka but grew up in the United Arab Emirates, studied in Georgia and Texas, ended up in Toronto. When I'm not at my job as a medical laboratory technologist, I read, write, do calligraphy, and grow vegetables in the back yard.

Currently Reading

Time : Its Origin, Its Enigma, Its History by Alexander Waugh

Favorite Romance

Simple Jess by Pamela Morsi

Favorite Non-Romance

Watership Down and the first three books of A Song of Ice and Fire.

What I Love in a Romance

Intelligent, independent, competent heroines, especially if they have a life other than being the hero's lover. I want to feel he's the best choice for her, not that he's her only choice.
Characters with a sense of humor.
Heroes who are different from the norm in some way.
Scientist main characters (characters who use science to save the day, rather than, say, assassins pretending to be physicists). 
Complex plots where I can't be sure how the problems will be resolved.
Realistic, detailed settings and worldbuilding. 

What I Hate About a Romance

TSTL heroines

Abusive heroes
Meddling relatives who conspire to push the hero and heroine together. 
Virginity is a sign of morality or a reward for the hero.
Other women are put down so the heroine can look good in comparison.
Unmarried heroines in historicals who have lots of sex with no thought to pregnancy or marriage.
Unmarried heroines in historicals who get pregnant, but refuse to marry the wealthy, titled, generous, caring father of the child because he didn't say the L word when he proposed.
Villains who waste time delivering villainous monologues rather than shooting their enemies.

A Bit More About Me