Serena Bell talks about her new book, women in sports, and making passes

Thank you, All About Romance, for the chance to guest blog on the release day for Getting Inside. It’s always so much fun to talk about a new book when readers are getting their hands on it for the first time.

Getting Inside is the story of what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object. (Hint: sparks fly.) The irresistible force is Ty Williams, the Seattle Grizzlies’ star linebacker and the immovable object is Iona Thomas, the team’s brand new linebackers coach.

Iona’s not the first woman to coach a men’s football team—and she knows she won’t be the last. But she’s a pretty rare thing in romance! So what made me decide to write about a woman who not only coaches football, but also loves to play it?

Of course, I was inspired by women like Jen Welter (the NFL’s first female coaching intern) and Kathryn Smith (its first full-time permanent female coach), […]

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Sports Romances and Heroines in Pursuit

list We don’t know what it is about the combination of Heroes in Pursuit, Heroines in Pursuit, Sports Romances, and Suspense & Mystery, but we seem to have hit all your buttons. Never since we have taken up the Special Titles Listings have we received so many nominations, in the case of Heroes in Pursuit and Suspense & Mystery more than 150 titles each. The good news is that these lists will be expanded considerably; the bad news is that we will just need a bit more time to do so. As a result, we are presenting the updated pages in two steps: Today the shorter Heroines in Pursuit and Sports Romances, and the week after next the other two lists. […]

New Special Title Lists Open!

list We’re pleased to announce that we’re opening four more Special Title Listings for your suggestions. Even though it’s summer we hope you’ll be able to help us once again and offer some great suggestions for the following lists: (1) Suspense & Mystery; (2) Sports Romances; (3) Heroes in Pursuit; and (4) Heroines in Pursuit.

We look forward to seeing your submissions for these lists starting today Monday June 10 and going for the next two weeks ending Sunday June 23 at midnight. As a reminder, any additions to the list have to be: (1) the best of the best, (2) stand the test of time, and (3) actually fit the list for which they were submitted.

Suspense & Mystery
: While AAR is a romance site, we also recognize that many AAR readers – and staff – love romantic suspense as well as traditional mysteries with strong romantic elements. In this list we feature romances filled with intrigue, mystery, and […]

Sometimes Prince Charming is Wearing a Beer-Stained Undershirt

tin_cup   [1] (2) I love sports romances. Love, love, love them. The thrill of the game, the athletic prowess, the conflict, the romance, and the sex all make for a heady combination. Some of my all-time favorites include See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson, It Had to be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, The Man for Me by Gemma Bruce, and Body Check by Deirdre Martin.

If you’ve been reading Sports Romances for long enough, you’ve probably noticed that most fall into the same pattern: a hunky, wealthy pro-athlete is forced to contend with a determined woman. Conflict and true love ensues. I love this pattern, I really do, but sometimes I crave something a little different – something that isn’t usually found on the shelves of Romance.


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