All About Romance – 2008 Book Reviews

Grade Title Author Reviewed D My Favorite Phantom Karen Kelley 12/26/2008 B Father Christmas Barbara Metzger 12/26/2008 C+ Simple Wishes Lisa Dale 12/23/2008 B A Killing Frost Hannah Alexander 12/23/2008 B- Wolfsbane and Mistletoe Anthology 12/23/2008 B Veil of Midnight Lara Adrian 12/22/2008 C- Wild Margo Maguire 12/22/2008 A Heartsick Chelsea Cain 12/22/2008 B The Law of Desire Gwyneth Bolton 12/20/2008 B+ What a Scoundrel Wants Carrie Lofty 12/20/2008 D Moments of Clarity Michele Cameron 12/20/2008 C- Hot As Hell HelenKay Dimon 12/18/2008 A- A Regency Christmas II Anthology 12/18/2008 C Pregnant on the Upper East Side? Emilie Rose 12/18/2008 B Star Bright Catherine Anderson 12/16/2008 C+ For the Love of Pete Julia Harper 12/16/2008 B The Girl Most Likely To… Susan Donovan 12/16/2008 B- Mistress of the Monarchy Alison Weir 12/15/2008 B+ Find Me Debra Webb 12/15/2008 D Talk Me Down Victoria Dahl 12/15/2008 B- Faefever Karen Marie Moning 12/13/2008 C Divorced, Desperate, and Dating Christie Craig 12/13/2008 B- Into the Fire Suzanne Brockmann 12/13/2008 B To All a Good Night Anthology 12/12/2008 F Surrender to Me Sophie Jordan 12/12/2008 B Welcome to Serenity Sherryl Woods 12/12/2008 C+ Die Before I Wake Laurie Breton 12/12/2008 A The Last Hellion Loretta Chase 12/09/2008 C- To Sin with a Stranger Kathryn Caskie 12/09/2008 C+ The Mistletoe Wager Christine Merrill 12/09/2008 C- Talk of the Town Sherrill Bodine 12/09/2008 B- Forgotten: A Novel Mariah Stewart 12/08/2008 A- Home Another Way Christa Parrish 12/08/2008 D- Dark Nights, Dark Dreams: Sisterhood of the Sight Savannah Russe 12/08/2008 D+ Wicked Intentions Lydia Joyce 12/05/2008 B- Double the Pleasure Anthology 12/05/2008 F Her Secret Lover Sara Bennett 12/04/2008 B When the Duke Returns Eloisa James 12/04/2008 A Finders Keepers Linnea Sinclair 12/04/2008 C+ Lucky Charm Carly Phillips 12/02/2008 B The Fall of Maggie Brown Anne Stuart 12/02/2008 B- The Rogue and the Rival Maya Rodale 12/02/2008 B+ The Pagan Stone Nora Roberts 11/29/2008 B Fools Rush In Kristan Higgins 11/29/2008 B+ Flat Out Sexy Erin McCarthy 11/29/2008 D The Treasure Iris Johansen 11/28/2008 A- Wicked Is the Night Catherine Mulvany 11/28/2008 B Suite 606 Anthology 11/28/2008 C- The Christmas Countess Adrienne Basso 11/28/2008 B Unravel Me Christie Ridgway 11/26/2008 B Demon Bound Meljean Brook 11/26/2008 B Salvation In Death J.D. Robb 11/25/2008 D Caught Jami Alden 11/25/2008 C- Bought: One Night, One Marriage Natalie Anderson 11/25/2008 B The Countess Lends a Hand Bonnie Dee 11/24/2008 D+ Dead Ringer Mary Burton 11/24/2008 C Talk of the Town Karen Hawkins 11/24/2008 C- Comes the Night Susan Krinard 11/22/2008 C- Zen and the Art of Vampires Katie MacAlister 11/22/2008 B Calico Christmas at Dry Creek Janet Tronstad 11/22/2008 B- One Candlelit Christmas Anthology 11/21/2008 B- The Dragon Master Allyson James 11/21/2008 C- One Perfect Gift Kathleen Morgan 11/21/2008 B+ What a Pirate Desires Michelle Beattie 11/21/2008 C+ Lord of Shadows Mary Lennox 11/18/2008 B With Violets Elizabeth Robards 11/18/2008 A- Untamed Pamela Clare 11/18/2008 B+ A Dead Bore Sheri Cobb South 11/16/2008 D- Never Dare a Duke Gayle Callen 11/16/2008 B Any Given Doomsday Lori Handeland 11/16/2008 B Veiled Passions Tracy MacNish 11/14/2008 C- Tall, Dark, and Kilted Allie Mackay 11/14/2008 B- A Wallflower Christmas Lisa Kleypas 11/14/2008 C+ What Looks Like Crazy Charlotte Hughes 11/11/2008 C+ Tempted by the Night Elizabeth Boyle 11/11/2008 B- All That Matters Stef Ann Holm 11/11/2008 A The Passions of Emma Penelope Williamson 11/08/2008 D Leaving Whiskey Bend Dorothy Garlock 11/08/2008 C A Question of Guilt Julianne Lee 11/08/2008 B- Laughter of Dead Kings Elizabeth Peters 11/07/2008 C Jinx Jennifer Estep 11/07/2008 B+ A Virgin River Christmas Robyn Carr 11/07/2008 B Scandalizing the Ton Diane Gaston 11/04/2008 A- Wedded in a Whirlwind Liz Fielding 11/04/2008 B- Mischief Becomes Her Kasey Michaels 11/03/2008 B Addicted to Love Lori Wilde 11/03/2008 C The Devil and Drusilla Paula Marshall 11/03/2008 C Gamer Girl Mari Mancusi 10/31/2008 B+ Tender Secrets Ann Christopher 10/31/2008 B+ The Price of Desire Jo Goodman 10/31/2008 C Christmas Wishes, Mistletoe Kisses Fiona Harper 10/31/2008 A- A Season of Splendor: The Court of Mrs. Astor in Gilded Age Greg King 10/31/2008 C+ Protect and Serve Gwyneth Bolton 10/31/2008 D+ Dark Embrace Brenda Joyce 10/28/2008 A- To Seduce a Sinner Elizabeth Hoyt 10/28/2008 D Mr. Fix-It Crystal Hubbard 10/28/2008 B Snowy Night with a Stranger Anthology 10/27/2008 B- The Edge of Impropriety Pam Rosenthal 10/27/2008 B Tall, Dark, and Texan Jodi Thomas 10/27/2008 A Just One Of The Guys Kristan Higgins 10/25/2008 D Red Fire Deidre Knight 10/25/2008 C+ Dead Stop Jamie Denton 10/25/2008 D Unleashed Lori Borrill 10/23/2008 B+ Like No Other Lover Julie Anne Long 10/23/2008 B It Happened One Night Anthology 10/23/2008 C+ The Wedding Heiress Pamela Ford 10/22/2008 B- Evernight Claudia Gray 10/22/2008 C+ Double Enchantment Kathryne Kennedy 10/22/2008 B- Gordath Wood Patrice Sarath 10/19/2008 B- A Historical Christmas Present Anthology 10/19/2008 B Make It Hot Gwyneth Bolton 10/19/2008 B Crossfire JoAnn Ross 10/18/2008 D One Bite with a Stranger Christine Warren 10/18/2008 C- Wish You Were Here Lani Diane Rich 10/18/2008 B+ I Shall Not Want Julia Spencer-Fleming 10/16/2008 B+ Romeo, Romeo Robin Kaye 10/16/2008 C- The Bride Price Anne Mallory 10/16/2008 D Living with the Dead Kelley Armstrong 10/12/2008 B A Rather Curious Engagement C.A. Belmond 10/12/2008 B- The Magical Christmas Cat Anthology 10/12/2008 C The Night Villa Carol Goodman 10/10/2008 C Death’s Half Acre Margaret Maron 10/10/2008 B+ Blind Fortune Joanna Waugh 10/10/2008 C Game for Seduction Bella Andre 10/10/2008 D Promises Reveal Sarah McCarty 10/05/2008 B- Passionate Anthea Lawson 10/05/2008 C The Matchmaker Jamie Denton 10/03/2008 B Immortals: The Redeeming Jennifer Ashley 10/03/2008 C- Holding the Baby Margot Early 10/03/2008 C- Marry Christmas Jane Goodger 10/03/2008 C+ The Scarlet Spy Andrea Pickens 09/30/2008 A Turbulent Sea Christine Feehan 09/30/2008 A- Seduce Me at Sunrise Lisa Kleypas 09/29/2008 B Live and Yearn Kelley St. John 09/26/2008 B- Sweet Trouble Susan Mallery 09/26/2008 B- The Dragonfly Pool Eva Ibbotson 09/25/2008 F Martin Misunderstood Karin Slaughter 09/25/2008 D Sword of the Highlands Veronica Wolff 09/25/2008 D The Accidental Demon Slayer Angie Fox 09/22/2008 B- Secrets of the Knight Julia Latham 09/22/2008 B Woven Dreams N.J. Walters 09/20/2008 B No Escape Shannon K. Butcher 09/20/2008 C Worth Fighting For Molly O’Keefe 09/20/2008 C Show No Mercy Cindy Gerard 09/20/2008 C+ The Lady Flees Her Lord Michele Ann Young 09/18/2008 C- Where There’s Fire Maureen McKade 09/18/2008 B Night Falls Darkly Kim Lenox 09/18/2008 C+ Texas Heir Linda Warren 09/17/2008 B- Passion and Pleasure in London Melody Thomas 09/17/2008 A Power Play Deirdre Martin 09/17/2008 D I Want You to Want Me Kathy Love 09/16/2008 F Wildwood Janine Ashbless 09/16/2008 B- Just the Sexiest Man Alive Julie James 09/16/2008 C Hotter than Hell Jackie Kessler 09/16/2008 B- The Deed Lynsay Sands 09/16/2008 D I Want You to Want Me Kathy Love 09/16/2008 F Wildwood Janine Ashbless 09/16/2008 B- Just the Sexiest Man Alive Julie James 09/16/2008 C Hotter than Hell Jackie Kessler 09/16/2008 C+ The Dark Viscount Deborah Simmons 09/13/2008 B- Mercury’s War Lora Leigh 09/13/2008 A- Secret Desires of a Gentleman Laura Lee Guhrke 09/13/2008 B- Mr. Cavendish, I Presume Julia Quinn 09/11/2008 C- Thread of Fear Laura Griffin 09/11/2008 A- A Rather Lovely Inheritance C.A. Belmond 09/11/2008 B- Hallowe’en Husbands Anthology 09/10/2008 D- The Pleasure of His Bed Anthology 09/10/2008 D The Dove Carolyn Brown 09/10/2008 B Loose and Easy Tara Janzen 09/07/2008 F The Way You Love Me Francis Ray 09/07/2008 B The Rebel and the Lady Kathryn Albright 09/04/2008 B- Storm Born Richelle Mead 09/04/2008 B- The Secret Soldier Jennifer Morey 09/04/2008 B Certain Girls Jennifer Weiner 08/31/2008 C+ The Bone Garden Tess Gerritsen 08/31/2008 C+ Twilight Fall Lynn Viehl 08/31/2008 C+ Trial by Fire Jo Davis 08/30/2008 B Dark Light Jayne Castle 08/30/2008 C+ Highland Knight Cindy Miles 08/29/2008 B+ His Captive Lady Anne Gracie 08/29/2008 D In Her Wildest Dreams Kimberly Dean 08/29/2008 D- Can’t Say No Bette Ford 08/29/2008 D+ The Millionaire’s Proposal Trish Wylie 08/27/2008 B Out of Time Samantha Graves 08/27/2008 C Trusting Ryan Tara Taylor Quinn 08/27/2008 D+ Trial By Fire Jo Davis 08/26/2008 B The Edge of Desire Stephanie Laurens 08/26/2008 C+ Shifter Anthology 08/26/2008 D+ Faceless Debra Webb 08/24/2008 B- Master of Wolves Angela Knight 08/24/2008 B+ Killer Charms Marianne Stillings 08/21/2008 A- Hungry for More Diana Holquist 08/21/2008 C+ Seducing Mr. Darcy Gwynn Cready 08/21/2008 B The Wedding Challenge Candace Camp 08/19/2008 D Insatiable Desire Rita Herron 08/19/2008 C Private Places Anthology 08/19/2008 B The Devil Wears Tartan Karen Ranney 08/19/2008 B- Deja Demon Julie Kenner 08/19/2008 B- The Wild Road Marjorie M. Liu 08/13/2008 B+ Evermore Lynn Viehl 08/13/2008 A- A Most Unconventional Match Julia Justiss 08/12/2008 B Watch Me Brenda Novak 08/12/2008 B+ Soul of Fire Sarah A. Hoyt 08/12/2008 A- Never Romance a Rake Liz Carlyle 08/12/2008 B- Countdown Michelle Maddox 08/08/2008 A- Shades of Dark Linnea Sinclair 08/08/2008 F Lessons From a Courtesan Jenna Petersen 08/08/2008 B+ From Dead to Worse Charlaine Harris 08/08/2008 D+ Cypress Nights Stella Cameron 08/06/2008 C- Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain Leanne Banks 08/06/2008 C+ Delicious Sherry Thomas 08/05/2008 B Before the Scandal Suzanne Enoch 08/05/2008 D The Midnight Man Charlotte Mede 08/05/2008 C+ Wicked as Sin Jillian Hunter 08/05/2008 A- Mistress of the Art of Death Ariana Franklin 08/05/2008 B- Too Dangerous to Desire Alexandra Benedict 07/31/2008 B+ Sweet Spot Susan Mallery 07/31/2008 A- Some Like It Wicked Teresa Medeiros 07/31/2008 D- Overnight Male Elizabeth Bevarly 07/31/2008 B Secrets of a Proper Lady Victoria Alexander 07/29/2008 C His Captive Lady Carol Towend 07/29/2008 B The Scandalous Life of a True Lady Barbara Metzger 07/29/2008 D Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife Kate Walker 07/29/2008 C+ Just One of the Guys Kristan Higgins 07/27/2008 B- Rescue Me Anthology 07/27/2008 B Show and Tell Jasmine Haynes 07/27/2008 C- Mystic Rider Patricia Rice 07/27/2008 B The Veil: Otherworld H.A. Fowler 07/26/2008 B- Hot Property Carly Phillips 07/26/2008 B Pleasuring the Pirate Emily Bryan 07/26/2008 B If Wishing Made It So Lucy Finn 07/26/2008 B Tribute Nora Roberts 07/26/2008 D- The Desert Lord’s Bride Olivia Gates 07/22/2008 B- Pleasure Unbound Larissa Ione 07/21/2008 C+ How To Knit a Wild Bikini Christie Ridgeway 07/20/2008 B+ Warrior Angela Knight 07/20/2008 B- Sam’s Creed Sarah McCarty 07/20/2008 C- Her One Desire Kimberly Killion 07/18/2008 B- Into the Shadow Christina Dodd 07/18/2008 B- Bound To Please Hope Tarr 07/18/2008 D Cutting Loose Susan Andersen 07/17/2008 B Demons are Forever Julie Kenner 07/17/2008 C+ A Highlander Never Surrenders Paula Quinn 07/17/2008 C- Flirting with Forty Jane Porter 07/16/2008 B MacAllister’s Baby Julie Cohen 07/16/2008 B- Stop Me Brenda Novak 07/16/2008 D+ The Italian Tycoon’s Mistress Cathy Williams 07/16/2008 C+ Then You Hide Roxanne St. Claire 07/15/2008 B When Twilight Burns Colleen Gleason 07/15/2008 C- Guarded by Stone Yolanda Sfetsos 07/15/2008 D The Black Sheep and the English Rose Donna Kauffmann 07/15/2008 B- Hungers of the Heart Jenna Black 07/14/2008 B+ Dangerous Secrets Lisa Marie Rice 07/14/2008 C+ A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action LuAnne McLane 07/11/2008 B His Mistress by Arrangement Natalie Anderson 07/11/2008 B+ His Secret Past Ellen Hartman 07/09/2008 B Viking Unchained Sandra Hill 07/09/2008 B Duchess By Night Eloisa James 07/08/2008 B+ Sweet Talk Susan Mallery 07/08/2008 B+ The Dangerous Mr. Ryder Louise Allen 07/08/2008 B- Magic in His Kiss Shari Anton 07/08/2008 B- Lover Enshrined J.R. Ward 07/05/2008 B- Enticing the Earl Nicole Byrd 07/05/2008 C The Iron Hunt Marjorie M. Liu 07/05/2008 B Queen of Babble Gets Hitched Meg Cabot 07/03/2008 C The Cat Jean Johnson 07/03/2008 B- I’m with Stupid Elaine Szewczyk 07/02/2008 C A Soldier’s Homecoming Rachel Lee 07/02/2008 B+ Time Is a River Mary Alice Monroe 07/02/2008 A Not Without Her Family Beth Andrews 06/29/2008 B- Unmasked Nicola Cornick 06/29/2008 C- In Bed with the Devil Lorraine Heath 06/28/2008 B The Ideal Wife Mary Balogh 06/28/2008 C A Soldier’s Homecoming Rachel Lee 06/27/2008 C+ Hidden Eve Kenin 06/27/2008 B Reckless Selena Montgomery 06/27/2008 F Hellbent & Heartfirst Kassandra Sims 06/27/2008 B+ My Lady Notorious Jo Beverley 06/25/2008 B- When a Hero Comes Along Teresa Southwick 06/25/2008 C- Body Language Suzanne Brockmann 06/25/2008 C+ Sea Witch Virginia Kantra 06/25/2008 C+ Hot Date Amy Garvey 06/21/2008 B Strike Zone Kate Angell 06/21/2008 B Innocence Unveiled Blythe Gifford 06/21/2008 B+ Practically Perfect Katie Fforde 06/19/2008 D+ Superb and Sexy Jill Shalvis 06/19/2008 D Fiancé at Her Fingertips Katheleen Bacus 06/18/2008 B Trust Me Brenda Novak 06/18/2008 D- Master of Surrender Karin Tabke 06/18/2008 B+ Eclipse Stephenie Meyer 06/18/2008 C Highland Rogue Tess Mallory 06/17/2008 B+ The Desert Prince’s Proposal Nicola Marsh 06/17/2008 D+ The Trouble with Moonlight Donna MacMeans 06/17/2008 B Moonstruck Susan Grant 06/17/2008 C- Hard to Get Alyssa Brooks 06/15/2008 B+ My Lord and Spymaster Joanna Bourne 06/15/2008 F That’s Amore Wendy Markham 06/15/2008 B Dark Desires After Dusk Kresley Cole 06/12/2008 C+ Jewel Beverly Jenkins 06/12/2008 B- Saying Yes to the Millionaire Fiona Harper 06/12/2008 D+ Walk on the Wild Side Christine Warren 06/12/2008 C+ Dangerous to Touch Jill Sorenson 06/10/2008 B Man of the Year Lisa Ruff 06/10/2008 A Tall Tales and Wedding Veils Jane Graves 06/10/2008 B- The Great Derangement Matt Taibbi 06/08/2008 B Kill Me if You Can Nicole Young 06/08/2008 D- Bad Blood L. A. Banks 06/08/2008 C- Wicked Pleasure Lora Leigh 06/08/2008 D+ The Desert Lord’s Baby Olivia Gates 06/08/2008 B The Host Stephenie Meyer 06/05/2008 B+ Pitch Black Susan Crandall 06/05/2008 C- One Wrong Step Laura Griffin 06/05/2008 D The Blossoming Years Denis Holden 06/03/2008 C- Because Your Vampire Said So Michele Bardsley 06/03/2008 B- These Boots Were Made for Stomping Anthology 06/03/2008 B+ Pants on Fire Meg Cabot 05/31/2008 A Last Dance at the Jitterbug Lounge Pamela Morsi 05/31/2008 C+ These Boots Were Made for Strutting Anthology 05/31/2008 D+ She Lucinda Betts 05/30/2008 C- Hand-Dipped Pleasure Leannan Mac Llyr 05/30/2008 C- Dante’s Salvation Anna Lee Keaton 05/30/2008 B- Drastic Measures Shiloh Walker 05/30/2008 D Through the Veil Shiloh Walker 05/29/2008 B+ His For the Taking Julie Cohen 05/29/2008 C+ Nameless Debra Webb 05/29/2008 B+ Fire and Ice Anne Stuart 05/28/2008 C+ A Rake’s Guide to Seduction Caroline Linden 05/28/2008 B The Rossetti Letter Christi Phillips 05/28/2008 C The Darkest Kiss Gena Showalter 05/25/2008 B- The Darkest Kiss Keri Arthur 05/25/2008 C+ Lovers and Ladies: The Fortune Hunter Jo Beverley 05/23/2008 B+ Lovers and Ladies: Deirdre and Don Juan Jo Beverley 05/23/2008 D At the Bride Hunt Ball Olivia Parker 05/23/2008 B+ The Man Behind the Cop Janice Kay Johnson 05/22/2008 D+ Baddest Bad Boys Anthology 05/22/2008 B The Touch of Twilight Vicki Pettersson 05/22/2008 B His Dark and Dangerous Ways Edith Layton 05/20/2008 A- The Lost Duke of Wyndham Julia Quinn 05/20/2008 C- Accidental Mistress Susan Napier 05/20/2008 A Your Scandalous Ways Loretta Chase 05/19/2008 B- The Hollow Nora Roberts 05/19/2008 C- The Loner Geralyn Dawson 05/19/2008 B Sex: Straight Up Kathleen O’Reilly 05/15/2008 C+ Friends in High Places Marne Davis Kellogg 05/15/2008 B A Date with Dr. Frankenstein Leanne Banks 05/15/2008 B- Secrets of Surrender Madeline Hunter 05/15/2008 B- Danger’s Kiss Sarah McKerrigan 05/13/2008 B- Call of the Highland Moon Kendra Leigh Castle 05/13/2008 B+ Scream For Me Karen Rose 05/13/2008 B Not Another Bad Date Rachel Gibson 05/11/2008 A- The One I Want Nancy Warren 05/11/2008 B Weddings Can Be Murder Christine Craig 05/11/2008 B The Nasty Bits Anthony Bourdain 05/06/2008 C- Never Trust a Scoundrel Gayle Cullen 05/06/2008 B+ Blue-Eyed Devil Lisa Kleypas 05/06/2008 C Talk of the Ton Mary Nichols 05/04/2008 A Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain 05/04/2008 B+ A Sinful Alliance Amanda McCabe 05/04/2008 B Nightcap Kathleen O’Reilly 05/04/2008 D+ Wild Impulses Samara King 04/30/2008 D Bewitched Sandra Schwab 04/30/2008 A- The Countess Takes a Lover Bonnie Dee 04/30/2008 B+ Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Christopher Moore 04/29/2008 C- A Knight’s Vow Lindsay Townsend 04/29/2008 B In Defense of Food Michael Pollan 04/29/2008 B- A Man Worth Keeping Molly O’Keefe 04/29/2008 B- One Foot in the Grave Jeaniene Frost 04/27/2008 D Grimspace Ann Aguirre 04/27/2008 C- Knave’s Honor Margaret Moore 04/27/2008 C- Immortal Traci L. Slatton 04/27/2008 B The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte Laura Joh Rowland 04/27/2008 C- Dark Obsession Allison Chase 04/27/2008 B- Highlander Ever After Jennifer Ashley 04/22/2008 B- The Devil’s Daughter Laura Drewry 04/22/2008 B The Bounty Hunter’s Bride Victoria Bylin 04/22/2008 B Bound Sally Gunning 04/19/2008 B- Heart in the Highlands Ruth Axtell Morren 04/19/2008 B- Duke Most Wanted Celeste Bradley 04/19/2008 C- The Hunted Rachel Lee 04/17/2008 D The Courtesan’s Secret Claudia Dain 04/17/2008 B- To Wed a Wicked Prince Jane Feather 04/17/2008 A- To Taste Temptation Elizabeth Hoyt 04/15/2008 B One Night Stand Cindy Kirk 04/15/2008 C+ A Notorious Proposition Adele Ashworth 04/15/2008 B Three Nights of Sin Anne Mallory 04/14/2008 C+ Blame it on Paris Jennifer Greene 04/14/2008 D Dark Needs at Night’s Edge Kresley Cole 04/14/2008 D If You Ever Tell Carlene Thompson 04/13/2008 B- First You Run Roxanne St. Claire 04/13/2008 B+ Lady Killer Lisa Scottoline 04/11/2008 B Finding Family Gina Wilkins 04/11/2008 C+ French Kissing Nancy Warren 04/11/2008 B+ Unlawful Contact Pamela Clare 04/11/2008 A- Beyond a Wicked Kiss Jo Goodman 04/07/2008 C- The Vanishing Viscountess Diane Gaston 04/07/2008 B The Beast In Him Shelly Laurenston 04/07/2008 D Seduced by Sin Kimberley Logan 04/07/2008 C The Bride’s Baby Liz Fielding 04/07/2008 B No Good Girls Jean Marie Pierson 04/03/2008 D- Guns Will Keep Us Together Leslie Langtry 04/03/2008 B+ Netherwood Michele Lang 04/02/2008 D+ Alibi in High Heels Gemma Halliday 04/02/2008 B 72 Hours Dana Marton 04/02/2008 B Dagger-Star Elizabeth Vaughan 03/31/2008 B Queen of Babble in the Big City Meg Cabot 03/31/2008 A The Thief Series Megan Whalen Turner 03/30/2008 B Pursuit Elizabeth Jennings 03/30/2008 B- Midnight Rising Lara Adrian 03/30/2008 B Something Wonderful Judith McNaught 03/27/2008 A- Montana Sky Nora Roberts 03/27/2008 C Kindred Spirits Jocelyn Kelley 03/27/2008 C The Soldier’s Homecoming Donna Alward 03/26/2008 B Take Me if You Can Karen Kendall 03/26/2008 D News Blues Marianne Mancusi 03/26/2008 C The Governess Wears Scarlet Sari Robins 03/26/2008 B- Thigh High Christina Dodd 03/26/2008 B- The Duke Next Door Celeste Bradley 03/25/2008 B- 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover Linda Wisdom 03/25/2008 B Untamed Hope Tarr 03/25/2008 B+ A Lady’s Secret Jo Beverley 03/23/2008 D+ Wild Jinx Sandra Hill 03/23/2008 B- Putting it to the Test Lori Borrill 03/23/2008 B- The Duke of Shadows Meredith Duran 03/23/2008 C- Temptation of the Warrior Margo Maguire 03/23/2008 B- Fast & Loose Elizabeth Bevarly 03/20/2008 B Theft of Shadows Naomi Bellis 03/20/2008 C Bedlam, Bath and Beyond J.D. Warren 03/19/2008 C Personal Demon Kelley Armstrong 03/19/2008 B- Phantom Pleasures Julie Leto 03/19/2008 C+ Distracting the Duchess Emily Bryan 03/18/2008 B Remember Me? Sophie Kinsella 03/18/2008 C- Simply Perfect Mary Balogh 03/16/2008 F SEALed with a Kiss Mary Margaret Daughtridge 03/16/2008 B+ Catch a Shadow Patricia Potter 03/16/2008 D- The Seduction of an Unknown Lady Samantha James 03/16/2008 D How to Propose to a Prince Kathryn Caskie 03/14/2008 C- Explosive Charlotte Mede 03/14/2008 C Seaview Inn Sherryl Woods 03/13/2008 C- Anatomy of a Boyfriend Daria Snadowsky 03/13/2008 F Double Fantasy Cheryl Holt 03/13/2008 C Everybody loves Evie Beth Ciotta 03/13/2008 C+ Shaken and Stirred Kathleen O’Reilly 03/11/2008 B- The Jewel Trader of Pegu Jeffrey Hantover 03/11/2008 B+ Distracting the Duchess Emily Bryan 03/09/2008 B- Outlaw Bride Jenna Kernan 03/09/2008 B Extreme Danger Shannon McKenna 03/08/2008 A- Strangers in Death J.D. Robb 03/08/2008 B+ Let Sleeping Rogues Lie Sabrina Jeffries 03/06/2008 B Between the Sheets Robin Wells 03/06/2008 C Timeless Moon C.T. Adams/Cathy Clamp 03/06/2008 C- Where the Heart Leads Stephanie Laurens 03/06/2008 D The Undead Next Door Kerrelyn Sparks 03/06/2008 B- Claimed by Shadow Karen Chance 02/29/2008 B Just Desserts Barbara Bretton 02/29/2008 A The Abstinence Teacher Tom Perrotta 02/29/2008 A Silver Flame Susan Johnson 02/29/2008 C+ Right Here, Right Now HelenKay Dimon 02/28/2008 D Return of the Rogue Donna Fletcher 02/28/2008 C Thunder Moon Lori Handeland 02/28/2008 B Valerie Joan Smith 02/27/2008 D Border Wedding Amanda Scott 02/27/2008 A Mine to Possess Nalini Singh 02/26/2008 C+ No Control Shannon K. Butcher 02/26/2008 B- Unleashing the Storm Sydney Croft 02/26/2008 B+ Twist Colby Hodge 02/26/2008 C+ Wizard’s Daughter Catherine Coulter 02/26/2008 D Texas Bluff Linda Warren 02/26/2008 D The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty Donna Kauffman 02/26/2008 C+ Compromised Kate Noble 02/21/2008 B The Devil Inside Jenna Black 02/21/2008 A Nine Coaches Waiting Mary Stewart 02/21/2008 D- The Privateer Dawn MacTavish 02/20/2008 B A Passion for Him Sylvia Day 02/20/2008 D Below the Surface Karen Harper 02/19/2008 D Vampires are Forever Lynsay Sands 02/19/2008 D The Wayward Debutante Sarah Elliott 02/19/2008 A- Private Arrangements Sherry Thomas 02/19/2008 A- The Kiss Sophia Nash 02/19/2008 C Sizzle and Burn Jayne Ann Krentz 02/17/2008 B- Shadows of the Night Lydia Joyce 02/17/2008 C+ Master of the Highlands Veronica Wolff 02/17/2008 C+ Sleeping with Ward Cleaver Jenny Gardiner 02/17/2008 A- Snowbound Janice Kay Johnson 02/17/2008 B- Accidentally Yours Susan Mallery 02/16/2008 C+ Shifter Anthology 02/16/2008 C At Her Service Susan Johnson 02/16/2008 B The Last Twilight Marjorie M. Liu 02/15/2008 C- Desperately Seeking a Duke Celeste Bradley 02/15/2008 B- A Compromised Lady Elizabeth Rolls 02/15/2008 C+ Hello, Doggy! Elaine Fox 02/15/2008 C The Sixth Wife Suzannah Dunn 02/09/2008 B+ The Bleeding Dusk Colleen Gleason 02/09/2008 B- Lord Deverill’s Secret Amanda Grange 02/09/2008 C+ Never on a Sundae Anthology 02/08/2008 D+ The Night Before the Wedding Debra Mullins 02/07/2008 B- An Honorable Rogue Carol Townend 02/07/2008 A- The Winter Rose Jennifer Donnelly 02/07/2008 B To The Edge of the Stars Joyce Henderson 02/05/2008 B Trick My Truck, But Don’t Mess With My Heart Luann McLane 02/05/2008 C+ In The Highlander’s Bed Cathy Maxwell 02/05/2008 B- The Love Song Anita Higman/Janice Thompson 02/03/2008 C Halfway to the Grave Jeaniene Frost 02/03/2008 A- The Perils of Pleasure Julie Anne Long 01/31/2008 B The Sheikh’s Unsuitable Bride Liz Fielding 01/31/2008 A- The Accidental Vampire Lynsay Sands 01/31/2008 B Freefall JoAnn Ross 01/31/2008 C- Come As You Are Amy J. Fetzer 01/30/2008 B- Tumbling Through Time Gwyn Cready 01/30/2008 B Seduction of the Crimson Rose Lauren Willig 01/30/2008 D+ Lord of the Night Robin T. Popp 01/30/2008 C- To Catch a Highlander Karen Hawkins 01/29/2008 B Holiday Heroes Anthology 01/29/2008 B Once Smitten, Twice Shy Lori Wilde 01/29/2008 F Extremely Hot Jennifer Apodaca 01/29/2008 B+ Betrayed Jamie Leigh Hansen 01/26/2008 C Purchased for Pleasure Nicola Marsh 01/26/2008 B+ Deep Magic Joy Nash 01/25/2008 B- Lady of Milkweed Manor Julie Klassen 01/25/2008 B Marked By Moonlight Sharie Kohler 01/23/2008 B The Mage’s Daughter Lynn Kurland 01/23/2008 B Swing Opal Carew 01/23/2008 B+ Queen of Dragons Shana Abe 01/22/2008 B- Enchanting the Lady Kathryne Kennedy 01/22/2008 A The Tea Rose Jennifer Donnelly 01/22/2008 C+ A Christmas Wedding Wager Michelle Styles 01/20/2008 B- All the Right Angles Stef Ann Holm 01/20/2008 B- All Through the Night Suzanne Brockmann 01/20/2008 C+ The Right Mr. Wrong Cindi Myers 01/17/2008 C Once A Rake Rona Sharon 01/17/2008 B+ Agnes and the Hitman Jennifer Crusie/Bob Mayer 01/16/2008 B English Lord, Ordinary Lady Fiona Harper 01/16/2008 B Midnight Awakening Lara Adrian 01/16/2008 C+ The Stolen Princess Anne Gracie 01/14/2008 B+ Lord Hadleigh’s Rebellion Paula Marshall 01/14/2008 A Crocodile on the Sandbank Elizabeth Peters 01/13/2008 B- Don’t Tell Karen Rose 01/13/2008 B A Dedicated Scoundrel Anne Barbour 01/13/2008 C The Perfect Match Kimberly Cates 01/11/2008 A The Spymaster’s Lady Joanna Bourne 01/11/2008 C+ Heart of the Storm Lindsay McKenna 01/09/2008 A- The Court of the Last Tsar Greg King 01/09/2008 C+ The Romance Readers’ Book Club Julie L. Cannon 01/09/2008 B Forbidden Stranger Marilyn Pappano 01/08/2008 B+ Satisfaction Marianne Stillings 01/08/2008 C Skinny Dipping Connie Brockway 01/08/2008 B+ To Wed a Highland Bride Sarah Gabriel 01/06/2008 C+ Morning Light Catherine Anderson 01/06/2008 B The Warrior Kinley MacGregor 01/06/2008 D+ One Knight Only Julia Latham 01/06/2008 C+ Heart of Fire Kat Martin 01/03/2008 B On the Wings of Love Elizabeth Lane 01/03/2008 B The Christmas Date Michele Dunaway 01/03/2008


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