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Welcome to the AAR Annual Reader Poll for 2008 Books!

The yearly readers’ poll has become a tradition at AAR. Many of our readers plan and prepare for it during their reading year, and we are more than pleased to continue this tradition. However, in the same spirit of change with which we are approaching many things at the site, we made some changes to the reader ballot. We hope this will create a tighter and cleaner analysis of the reading year and make it an easier and more inviting experience for readers. We hope you, our readers, are happy with the changes that have been made, and we look forward to counting your ballots!

The results of this poll are keenly anticipated by the staff of AAR and our readers. We are an active and vocal site, but we also know there are many visitors who are happy to sit back and observe the dialogue. The poll gives those who aren’t as vocal the opportunity to let the romance community know what they thought about the books of the year.

We do this poll both for our readers and because we think it’s fun! We would like this year’s to be the best, most representative poll ever, so make your voice heard and cast your vote today! Remember that that poll closes at midnight, February 17th.

Please keep in mind that in order for your ballot be be valid you must vote in at least six different categories.

Our Power Search page is an excellent way to search out titles, authors, grades, or genres to refresh your memory of your 2008 reading year. When doing your search, remember to use the 2008 date, as only books published in 2008 in the U.S. are eligible.

Once you submit your ballot, you will be redirected to a thank you page. If for some reason you are unable to submit this ballot, you can email your choices (subject line: 2008 Annual Reader Poll) to . The email address you submit with your ballot is used for validation purposes only, and we will never share it with any third party.

We thank you for your continued support and participation in our Annual Poll.

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Best Romance (title and author)
Funniest Romance (title and author)
Biggest Tearjerker (title and author)
Best Love Scenes (Mainstream romance with the best love scenes – title and author)
Best Erotica (title and author)
Best Romance Hero (name, title, and author)
Best Romance Heroine (name, title, and author)
Best Romance Couple (names, title, and author)
2008’s Best Debut Romance Author (name)
Guiltiest Pleasure Romance (title and author)
Best Historical Romance set in the U.K.(title and author)
Best Historical Romance NOT Set in the U.K. (title and author)
Best Contemporary Romance (title and author)
Best Series Romance Book (title and author) This category is for Harlequin/Silouette lines, not a series of connected books
Best Romantic Suspense (title and author)
Best Paranormal Romance (title and author)
Best E-Book (Book published in e-format only during 2008) (title and author)
Best Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction (title and author)
Best Romance Short Story (Short story title, author, anthology title)
Romance Author You Gave Up On in 2008
Worst Romance Novel
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