Eighth Grade Auction Basket

What a wonderful opportunity to help Lakehill while at the same time winning this fabulous basket! The eighth grade auction basket includes a one night stay at Rough Creek Lodge, named “Most Outstanding Lodge in North America” by Condé Nast for 2005.

Rough Creek Lodge, situated on 11,000 acres of rolling Texas Hill Country, is a one-of-a-kind destination in a beautiful setting offering a multitude of outdoor activites as well as pampering spa and resort amenitites. In addition to the one night’s stay for two adults and two children, are dinner and breakfast for the adults at Rough Creek’s restaurant, deemed “the country version of the Mansion on Turtle Creek” and “the best restaurant in Dallas that isn’t in Dallas.” Also included in the basket are goodies from Rough Creek’s renowned gift shop, including an RC cap, blanket, leather coaster set, a women’s leather cosmetics bag, a longhorn kid’s toy, and a leather coffee thermos. Rough Creek Lodge is located just outside Glen Rose, some 90 miles southwest of Dallas.

This basket is valued at $650 ($475 for room and meals and $175 for the additional items)

Peggy Tapp spent more than $400 arranging for this basket and in fairness we would ask that the cost be split among eighth grade families. Please send your reimbursement check in the amount of $20.00 to Peggy at 6914 Hammond Ave – Dallas 75223.

Each class at Lakehill is asked to contribute both an auction project and an auction basket. Our auction project was a mosaic mirror worked on by the class during December at Smashing Times. Our thanks to all of you who reimbursed Laurie Gold for the $200 spent on the project.