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One reason AAR has been so successful over the years is that we focus not only on the reading and the books, but on us readers ourselves. Mary Novak, who was instrumental in the site-wide Style Poll we conducted a couple of years ago, is now beginning a site-wide reader survey that we hope you will take below. It’s a fairly lengthy survey but one we believe will give us perhaps a clearer picture of just who we are. Although the survey calls for an email address – and will not submit without a valid email address – it will be stripped from your survey form as soon as it is received. Please, though, only fill out the form below once (given its length, it’s hard to imagine doing otherwise). Once your survey has been submitted you will be returned to our home page.

This survey is now closed. Look for results on February 1st

This survey is set to run from today, December 10th, through January 10th. Results will be made public on February 1st in At the Back Fence. While all of the questions asked require you to fill in the blank, several of these questions offer multiple choice answers that are below the question. If you use your tab key, please be aware of that.

Your email address:
Are you male or female?
Please enter your age
What country do you live in?
If in the U.S., which state?
What is your community’s approximate population?

1. Under 5,000   
2. 5,000 – 50,000   
3. 50,000 – 250,000   
4. 250,000 – 1,000,000   
5. Over 1,000,000   

Are you?

  1. Married or in a long-term relationship
  2. Single, never married
  3. Single, divorced
  4. Single, widowed male or female

Do you have children?
If yes, what are their ages?
What is your ethnicity?
What, if any, is your religious affiliation?
How religious or spiritual are you?

1. Not at all   
2.  Somewhat   
3.  Very   

Do you consider yourself:

  1. Straight
  2. Bi-sexual
  3. Gay or Lesbian

What is your occupation?
How many hours do you typically work in a week?
What is your annual income?

1. Less than $20,000   
2. $20,000 – $39,000   
3. $40,000 – $59,000   
4. $60,000 – $79,000   
5. $80,000 – $99,000   
6. $100,000 – $119,000   
7. $120,000 and higher   

What is the highest level of education you received?

  1. Less than high school
  2. Graduated high school
  3. Some college credits
  4. Technical/Vocational school
  5. Graduated 2-year college
  6. Graduated 4-year college
  7. Post-graduate training

If you attended college, what was your major?
If you attended graduate school, what was your field?
On economic issues, where 1 – very liberal
and 5 = very conservative, where do you place yourself?
On social issues, where 1 – very liberal
and 5 = very conservative, where do you place yourself?
Where do you buy most of your romances?

  1. Bookstore chains (Barnes & Noble, etc)
  2. Independent bookstores that do not specialize in paperbacks
  3. “Swap shops”/UBS’s that specialize in paperbacks
  4. Online
  5. I don’t buy; I mostly check them out at the library
  6. Other   

Do you buy most of your romances new or used?
Which of these romance genres do you enjoy?
(List numbers and separate by comma)

  1. Contemporary
  2. Romantic Suspense
  3. American Historical
  4. European Historical
  5. Medieval
  6. Traditional Regency
  7. Series/Category Romance
  8. Paranormal
  9. Inspirational
  10. Romantica
  11. Chick Lit
  12. Women’s Fiction
  13. Other

Who are your three favorite romance authors?
Which of the above is your favorite genre?
How long have you been reading romance?

1. Less than one year   
2. One to three years   
3. Three to ten years   
4. More than ten years   

What % of your reading time is spent reading romance?

  1. Less than 25%
  2. 25 – 50%
  3. 50 – 75%
  4. More than 75%

How much do you spend per year on romances?

1. Less than $50   
2. $50 – $100   
3. $100 – $250   
4. $250 – $500   
5. More than $500   

How many romances do you read per year?

  1. Less than 10
  2. 10 – 50
  3. 50 – 100
  4. 100 – 150
  5. 150 – 200
  6. 200 – 250
  7. 250 – 500
  8. More than 500

What is the romance availability in your local community?

  1. Strong –  there are shops with knowledgeable employees that carry a wide range of titles and host special events like author signings
  2. b) Moderate – there are acceptable shops with helpful clerks and a midsized selection, but it’s hard to find more obscure titles
  3. Weak – the selection is limited to bestsellers, clerks are disinterested or outright hostile

How supportive of your romance reading are family and friends?

  1. Not at all supportive
  2. A little supportive
  3. Somewhat supportive
  4. Quite supportive
  5. Extremely supportive

Do you read romance novels in public?

1. Yes   
2. Yes, but I hide the covers   
3. No   

How do you feel about spoilers?

  1. I frequently seek them out
  2. I don’t mind reading them but don’t seek them out
  3. I avoid them at all times

Other than romance, what is your favorite literary genre? (List up to 3)
Other than reading, what are your other hobbies or activies?
Do you read erotica
Do you read fan fiction?
What is your favorite movie?
What is your favorite TV show?

This survey is now closed. Look for results on February 1st

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