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If you are reading this page, you are no doubt a member of AAR at Shelfari. To best take advantage of Shelfari, we set up a “member” so that we could create a group bookshelf with the ability to rate, tag, and review books that members of AAR on Shelfari would like to include on a group shelf. If I’ve done my work properly, nobody should be able to access this page at AAR other than those interested in AAR on Shelfari – in other words, it should be hidden from spiders and bots. Anyone can request “friendship” with aargroupshelf, but it won’t be approved unless you are a member of AAR on Shelfari. Multiple admins have been created so that no one person will be responsible for cross-checking requests and approving or denying them.

Once you become a friend of aargroupshelf, you will be sent a private message with the information necessary to sign in to the account and add books you would like to share with other group members. Save that information because you will need it whenever you want to sign in to add books, update tags, etc.

What we want from you each time you input a book are these two things (anything beyond that is up to you):

1. Please rate it. The books you are adding are Desert Isle Keepers, Buried Treasures, or something else that means a lot to you or you wouldn’t want to share it with all of us.

2. Please tag it with these tags to start, and then add others if you think they are necessary:

a. Why did you add the book? Is it a Desert Isle Keeper? Is it a Buried Treasure? A Conversion Kit option you’ve successfully used? If it is the former, one tag should be Desert Isle Keeper; if the latter, than Buried Treasure. There might be more than one reason you decide to add a book; if it’s a Desert Isle Keeper and a successful Conversion Kit read, include both as tags.

b. How is the book categorized? If it’s a Medieval Romance, use that as another tag. If it’s a European Historical Romance, use that tag. If it’s a Contemporary Romance, use that as a tag.

c. Who added the book? Please add as a third tag who you are…use your Shelfari name if you go by a nickname, otherwise, your first name or however you refer to yourself.

Tags are critical for a bookshelf that may grow fairly large and diverse as AAR at Shelfari becomes large and diverse. Tags allow other users to search through categories. For instance, if I wanted to know which books other users felt were Buried Treasures, I’d click that particular tag, and all the books tagged thusly would appear. If you don’t tag the book with at least the basic tags, you’re not helping other group members find the very books you’d like them to know about.

Any other tags remain up to you, as well as whether or not you include a review. As an example, the first three books added onto the shelf are three of my favorites: Castles, Velvet Bond, and Naked in Death. Here’s how I entered them, after noting that I’d read them and that they are also favorites:

Castles: Five star rating. My tags are Desert Isle Keeper, European Historical Romance, LLB

Velvet Bond: Five star rating. My tags are Desert Isle Keeper, Medieval Romance, LLB

Naked in Death: Five star rating. My tags are Desert Isle Keeper, Conversion Kit, Futuristic Romantic Suspense, LLB

These are the basics. The rest is up to you, but please don’t add your entire personal Shelfari shelf onto our group shelf. There are no limits; just use your discretion. Consider this currently in beta testing…we’ll work it out as it goes.

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