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(as of January 2018)

Web site ads:

Weekly rates (ads usually run from Sunday to Sunday.)

Monthly rates (ads usually begin on the 1st but do not have to).

We offer a 5% discount for bookings of 3 to 6 month and a 10% discount for those 7 months or more.

We run two to four ads a month, at the top of our sidebars. Ads run on our Home page and on our Blog page.

Steals and Deals newsletter rates:

We offer an ad slot at the top of our Steals and Deals daily newsletter. Ads run for one week.

Reviews and guest posts:

We do not charge for or accept payment for reviews. If you have a book you’d like reviewed, you can send us a pitch for it. If it looks like a fit for us, we’ll send it out to the staff and see if there are any takers.

We no longer run guests posts for free. We do offer that option for our advertisers.


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What makes us different?

All About Romance is just that. Our readers come to us to interact with romance novels and fiction focused on women. We don’t review TV shows, movies, or other web sites. We don’t follow movie stars or royals. We’re just about books written (mostly) by and for women.


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