Green Romances


Heroes and heroines in these books care about the environment and are actively engaged in protecting it. They range from early conservationists who try to establish nature reserves and national parks to modern rangers in such parks, birdwatchers, biologists, architects, scientists, engineers, and green activists. The green way of thinking and living is very important to them, and this is reflected in the romance.

(List begun 05/14 Last Updated 06/14)

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  • Miss Wonderful (2004) by Loretta Chase – Mirabel Oldridge wants to prevent the building of a canal. (B+ at AAR)
  • A Spear of Summer Grass (2013) by Deanna Raybourn (mostly set in Kenya) – J. Ryder White is a conservationist. (B+ at AAR)
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  • Tides of Love (2000) by Tracy Sumner – Noah Garrett is a marine biologist. (B- at AAR)
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  • The Princess Diaries series (2000 – 2009) by Meg Cabot (young adult) – Mia Thermopolis is a teenage green activist. (A/A- at AAR)
  • Showdown at Lizard Rock (9/1988) by Sandra Chastain LS-25 – Kaylyn Smith is a conservationist activist.
  • Lightning That Lingers (12/1983) by Sharon and Tom Curtis – LS-25 – Philip Brooks is an environmental biologist. (A/A- at AAR)
  • Night Magic (1995) by Lynn Emery – Savannah St. Julien is a lawyer for an environmentalist group, and Paul Honore is an environmental engineer.
  • His, Unexpectedly (2011) by Susan Fox – Jenna Fallon is a green activist, and Mark Chambers is a marine biologist. (B+ at AAR)
  • A Groom for Red Riding Hood (11/1994) by Jennifer Greene SD-893 – Steve Rawlings is a wolf ethologist.
  • The Lady and the Unicorn (1/1984) by Iris Johansen LS-29 – Janna Cannon is a game warden at a wildlife reserve.
  • Shroud of Fog (2014) by Janice Kay Johnson – Sophie Thomsen fights to preserve a beach area and sand dunes from development. (B- at AAR)
  • Animal Dreams (1991) by Barbara Kingsolver (fiction) – Codi Noline is a biology teacher; there are environmental concerns about a river.
  • Dream Lake (2012) by Lisa Kleypas – Alex Nolan is a contractor specialising in green buildings. (B at AAR)
  • Smooth Talking Stranger (2009) by Lisa Kleypas – Dane (secondary character) has founded an environmental monitoring equipment company. (B at AAR)
  • Ride With Me (2012) by Ruthie Knox – Lexie Marshall and Tom Geiger are environmentally conscious.
  • Hidden Talents (1993) by Jayne Ann Krentz – Serenity Makepeace is an environmentalist.
  • Project Justice series (2011 -) by Kara Lennox – The founder and head of Project Justice, Daniel Logan, is an oil tycoon who invests in renewable energies.
  • Shipwrecked With Mr. Wrong (1/2013) by Nikki Logan – SIM-1654 – Hope Briar is a marine biologist.
  • Warrior (1991) by Elizabeth Lowell – Eden Summers is a wildlife biologist studying cougars. (B- at AAR)
  • The Brazilian Boss’s Innocent Mistress (9/2001) by Sarah Morgan HP-2664 – Grace Thacker and Rafael Cordeiro want to preserve the Brazilian rainforest.
  • Call Me Irresistible (2011) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips – Meg Koranda has environmental concerns about a new golf course. (B+ at AAR)
  • Lover’s Knot (2006) by Emilie Richards – Isaac Taylor works for an environmental non-profit; backdrop is the creation of Shenandoah National Park.
  • Always and Forever (1/2013) by Farrah Rochon – HKR-314 – Jamal Johnson is an architect using green technology. (B+ at AAR)
  • Shelter Bay series (2010 -) by JoAnn Ross – The whole series is set in a US certified “green town”. (B+/B/B- at AAR)
  • The Same Last Name (4/1983) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel – HAR-2 – April Ramsay is a forest ranger.
  • Freefall (2013) by Jill Sorenson – Hope Banning is a park ranger. (B- at AAR)
  • Set the Dark on Fire (2009) by Jill Sorenson – Shay Phillips is a researcher for the Department of Fish and Game. (B+ at AAR)
  • Stranded With Her Ex (4/2011) by Jill Sorenson – SIM-1654 – Daniela Flores and Sean Carmichael are marine biologists. (A- at AAR)
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  • Memoirs of Lady Trent series (2013 -) by Marie Brennan – Isabella Camherst is a naturalist and conservationist. (B+ at AAR)
  • Kiss of Fury (2009) by Deborah Cooke – Alexandra Madison has designed a green car.
  • Catch of a Lifetime (2010) by Judi Fennell – Angel Tritone is a green activist mermaid.
  • The Rifter series (2012 – 2013) by Ginn Hale (male/male) – John Toffler is an ecologist. (B+ at AAR)
  • Heart of the Warrior (2000) by Lindsay McKenna – Inca is a green activist.

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