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Total # of Unique Visitors Through March 2003 – 3,637,647

(The “unique visitors” statistic counts each individual visitor once per 24-hour period, regardless of how many times that visitor actually linked to an AAR page.)

Month/Year# of Unique VisitorsMarch 2003116980 *February 2003122975January 2003125132December 2002108894November 2002116557October 2002120019September 2002108703August 2002105405July 2002108435June 2002104631May 2002116718April 2002104803March 2002100788February 200292708January 200297061December 200179276November 200185866October 200187956September 200176448August 200179471July 200176648June 200178000May 200177444April 200175969March 200175511February 200170779January 200177542December 200064967November 200072051October 200070610September 200065004August 200068480July 200064255June 200058577May 200062433April 200057794March 200061718February 200049399January 200047016December 199939946November 199941405October 199942909September 199938162August 199937001July 199935300June 199935300May 199934600* Problem with statistical program; couldn’t get accurate count for 9 – 11 days, which is why stats for this month are low. Pages Viewed by Visitors

(This number is the same as page “hits” that most of you are accustomed to seeing via counters on various pages on the Internet)

YearYearly Average2003 to date3 million20022.6 million20011.8 million