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Every once in a while, a reviwer gets lucky and unexpectedly stumbles across something wonderful. In November of 2004, I selected a book to review by an unknown author based on nothing more than a few lines of plot description I found intriguing. Almost from the first page, I knew I was in the hands of a very special writer when I quite literally couldn’t put down the author’s complex and emotionally involving dual tales of love, heartbreak, and family. With Whispers, the author’s next release, due to hit bookstores in April, I talked with Erin Grady about her books, her approach to her craft, and how not to conduct a writing career.

–Sandy Coleman

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The format for interviews is this: questions are <span class=”style90bold”>, and if there is a book title within the question, also italicize it. The old interviews are done in a million different ways, so whether you copy and paste directly from the browser or go into view source and strip out old formatting is entirely up to you. As long as book titles are bolded and other “media” (ie, plays, songs, movies, etc) are italicized, I’m pretty much okay on everything. Also, we just do <g> now rather than smilies or winkies.

We have one of two ways to handle the uploading of these pages. You can either email me pages or I can give you the new ftp info and you can upload and check them yourself.

And, as far as anybody else helping, I think Ellen was one of a few who volunteered, but so far you’re all I’ve heard from since yesterday.

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