Books by Anna Bennett

One Duke Down

One Duke Down reminds me of some of my favorite older romances. A heroine hiding away in a small town, a sweet small town romance, combined with dazzling seascapes bring this love story to life. One sunny day, Miss Poppy Summers catches a man in her fishing net. An extremely handsome man with lon ...

The Duke is But a Dream

The Duke is But a Dream is wholeheartedly cheesy and appealingly silly. Its romance is cute but moves far too quickly, and while its characters aren’t that switched-on in the brains department, they’re good people.  Thus, I must confess that as nonsensical, ahistorical and ridiculous as it was, ...

My Brown Eyed Earl

I didn’t enjoy My Brown-Eyed Earl as much as I had hoped to.  The story has the right components to make it a pleasant read; a simple love story with little conflict and a plotline that moves along at a quick pace.  Unfortunately those were also its weakest areas and I struggled to engage with t ...