Books by Anna Schmidt


I hate writing reviews of middling books.  I’m sure anyone who writes reviews on a regular basis will know what I mean when I say that reviews of books that are simply ‘okay’ are often the hardest to write.   Anna Schmidt’s Trailblazer, the first in her new Cowboys and Harvey Girls series ...

All God's Children

The saying goes “All is fair in love and war”. Of course, most don’t agree with this. Society as a whole condemned what happened in Nazi Germany during the years of the Second World War. This author ambitiously tackles the subjects of love and war during that turbulent time in that extremely t ...

The Pastor Takes a Wife

At its best, Anna Schmidt's writing is truly lyrical. I'm primarily familiar with her through her Nantucket-set historicals, but with The Pastor Takes a Wife, I had a chance to experience her contemporary writing. This was a sensitive and very sweet story of love and redemption that really works wel ...