Books by Avon Gale

Trade Deadline

I'm a fan of sports romances and hockey themed ones in particular. I read and enjoyed Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn's Off the Ice and while I missed the second in the Hat Trick series, Goalie Interference, I got back into the game with Trade Deadline. It's a well told story of a man ready for his caree ...

Goalie Interference

Want some fun, awesomely written rivals-to-lovers romance?  Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn serve up some delicious hockey-based sexual tension with Goalie Interference, a story where competition moves from the ice to the bedroom to the battlefield of the heart. Emmitt Armstrong wakes up from a Cabo ...

Empty Net

This is the fourth book in Avon Gale’s Scoring Chances series  and is a heavy, emotionally challenging and entertaining sports romance. Isaac Drake, team captain and goalie for the Spartanburg Spitfires, has just learned Laurent St. Savoy has been traded to the Spitfires as the back-up goalie ...