Books by Colby Hodge


Twist is a fast, exciting read, featuring one of the best – and strongest – heroines I've encountered in a long time. Abbey has a busy, but lonely, life, with no real friends or relatives. As if that isn't enough, a serial killer is striking close to her home. But Abbey doesn't ...

Shooting Star

I’m glad I gave this author another chance. I tried to read Stargazer, a previous book by Colby Hodge, but it didn’t work well for me. Thankfully I connected with the two lead characters in Shooting Star and enjoyed their story immensely. The author mentions that Star Trek and Star Wars were ...


Stargazer is a rousing space adventure set in a fascinating universe brought vividly to life. Exciting and action-packed, it's one of the most purely fun books I've read this year. Lilly is a princess from Oasis, a garden planet currently at war with the neighboring Ravigans. Raviga is a desolate ...