Books by Jennifer Malin

For the Love of Lila

For the Love of Lila took me by surprise. I expected another tale of a determined bluestocking who finds passion after a series of TSTL moves. While Lila Covington may be a little too indepentant at times, she is definitely not stupid. Early on, the characters establish themselves and their motives, ...

Eternally Yours

Jennifer Malin's second release, Eternally Yours, is an promising love story with a serious side, as the hero and heroine - both of whom have been hurt before - struggle to find both trust and love again. The unique plotline and strong premise fail to completely make up for the somewhat one-dimensio ...

As You Wish

This is one of those books that has a promising start and some interesting characters. And then it happens. Just when the hero and heroine are growing closer, they suddenly forget how to talk. Then when it becomes most important, they can't bring themselves to say the "L" word. Another promising boo ...