Books by Joanna Wayne

The Amulet

The gothic Mists of Fernhaven series comes to an unimpressive conclusion in Joanna Wayne's The Amulet. It starts with the potential to be the moodiest, most atmospheric installment yet, only to have its promising story fall victim to lackluster execution. One winter night, Deputy Bart Finnegan resp ...

Justice for All

The Code Red mini-line has been on an upswing in its last few entries. I started the twelfth and final book (four additional books precede the mini-line - three published within the Superromance line and the fourth as an anthology) hoping it would continue the trend and end on an up note. Instead, i ...

Alligator Moon

Alligator Moon falls in that dreaded category, Well-Written but Dull. As a romantic suspense novel, dull is just about the last thing it should be. The book gets off to an attention-grabbing start before slowly sliding into tedium. The Magnolia Plantation Restorative and Therapeuti ...