Books by Joey W. Hill

In The Company of Witches

In theory, a story about a madam who runs a brothel full of demons and a sadistic guardian of the Underworld should not hold such appeal. But Joey W. Hill not only makes it work, she also creates characters with whom I would like to be friends. What’s a modern day succubus demon/witch hybrid to ...

Arcane Shot (Something About Witches)

I knew when I received this book for review that I was in for a treat. What I didn't know is that this latest series revisits the world of Justin Herne, the hero from If Wishes Were Horses, a long time resident of my keeper shelf. Once again Ms. Hill takes the reader on a delicious exploration of BD ...

Beloved Vampire

Excuse me while I gush like a fangirl.  I was so afraid that Beloved Vampire, while starting out with a bang, would eventually fade into mediocrity like so many books. Not at all. As the book progressed, it just got better and better, until it is now officially one of my favorite (if not the fav ...