Books by Joss Ware

Abandon the Night

Many would have believed that rich playboy Quent Fielding never wanted for much - after all, what could a man who could do whatever he wanted and date whoever he wished crave in life? But Quent, an abused child, had always wanted for love. The real, no strings attached kind. And no ...

Embrace the Night Eternal

Right now is a great time for those who love post-apocalyptic sci-fi. I am reading three different series with that theme and just finished watching the last episode of Dollhouse, which had a post-apocalyptic thread running through its season closers. I was surprised - and delighted - to find that ...

Beyond the Night

I used to read lots of science fiction, and I particularly liked a good post-apocalyptic story. Destroy civilization as we know it, and I would happily join the survivors as they attempted to make the world anew. My own personal favorite novel of this type is Earth Abides by George Stewart which is ...