Books by Kelly Rimmer

Truths I Never Told You

Truths I Never Told You is the latest offering from Australian author Kelly Rimmer. It's the deeply evocative story of one woman's quest to understand not only her past but the ways in which that past affects the life she's currently living. Once I started reading, I hated putting the book down, and ...


Kelly Rimmer’s Unspoken is a marriage-in-trouble, second-chance romance that left even this romantic certain that divorce has a place in this world. Paul Winton is naked in front of his wife. Tragically, this isn’t a prelude to sex. He’s at their vacation home, which she’s taking in the d ...


Kelly Rimmer’s Unexpected is a warm, charming book - but is dotted with little, tiny details that pick at the fabric of its entrancingly-woven spell, leaving the reader to ask questions and frown at the small stuff in spite of its larger good points. Roommates Abby Herbert and Marcus Ross have ...