Books by Laurien Gardner

Plain Jane

When the wives of Henry VIII are discussed, Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn seem to get the most attention. Jane Seymour is often an afterthought, described most often as the plain, shy, and dutiful girl who bore the king's only legitimate son. Thankfully, Gardner goes beyond this description ...

A Lady Raised High

I really enjoyed The Spanish Bride, the first book in Berkley's Wives of Henry VIII series written under the group pseudonym of Laurien Gardner, and the latest entry in the series also does not disappoint. This particular Laurien Gardner novel was written by Jennifer Ashley, an author normally ass ...

The Spanish Bride

The story of Henry VIII and his wives is a well-known one and, in most portrayals, Catherine of Aragon is shown as a victim, sometimes even a martyr of Henry's desire for a male heir. The repeated descriptions of her as barren or as a pitiable, cast-aside wife make it hard for many readers to see he ...