Books by Margaret Evans Porter

The Seducer

Margaret Evans Porter has written many enjoyable, intelligent Regency Romances before she began writing "full-length" titles for Avon. However, her latest historical, The Seducer, comes across as a mediocre book. Part of this is probably due to Porter's dry, cerebral style, which may be better suite ...

Improper Advances

Improper Advances starts out with an intriguing heroine who seems very different from the pack. She's a widow and a professional singer - not a shy, retiring miss or a spunky, virgin blue-stocking. She also has a reputation, mostly undeserved, for dallying with men. I was immediately interested in h ...

Kissing a Stranger

What this book has going for it is great historical detail. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things about Kissing a Stranger that aren't so great. Such as the hero's falling prey to the old "She wants to marry for money, so she must be greedy and shallow" routine. And that the heroine never shared ...