Books by Nancy Campbell Allen

The Matchmaker's Lonely Heart

The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart has a charming hero and good historical research on its side, but a flibbertigibbet heroine makes it a difficult book to fully enjoy.  In fact, she’s so childish that she becomes something of a distraction, with only her eleventh hour bravery making her tolerable. ...

Beauty and the Clockwork Beast

I love when the different elements of a story combine to create something greater than its whole.  The strong hero and his brainy heroine. The setting you can jump right into. The storyline that is both familiar and yet strikingly new.  Beauty and the Clockwork Beast weaves all of these things int ...

The Secret of the India Orchid

Nancy Campbell Allen’s The Secret of the India Orchid appealed to me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, much as I enjoy historical romances set in Europe, I’m always happy to see ones sent in more far-flung locations; and secondly, the premise of a dashing spy forced to conceal his true nature an ...