Books by Rachel Lynn Solomon

See You Yesterday

See You Yesterday is the funny, snarky, delightful and delectable new read from Rachel Lynn Solomon. A tale about reliving the same day over and over again, this sweet sci-fi YA novel is a perfect summer read. On Wednesday, her first day of college, Barrett Bloom gets an unwanted roommate in the ...

Weather Girl

Weather Girl, I can’t wait to see you – Russell to Ari Weather Girl is an incredibly charming romance.  Warm and sweet, it’s also honest about what depression can do to a person and the rigors and difficulties of single parenthood, mean bosses and difficult parents. Ari Abrams is a cheery ...

The Ex Talk

The Ex Talk is a contemporary romance about a woman on the brink of thirty, trying to figure out how to fulfil her career aspirations without killing one of her unfairly hot coworkers or being way too dishonest. It’s an amazing rivals-to-lovers romance, with some serious depth and intense emotiona ...