Books by Rachel Van Dyken

Kickin' It

It’s not often that an author is truly able to redeem an unlikable character. When I started Kickin’ It, I was immediately put off by the overly feisty heroine, Parker Speedman. But in the end, while I didn’t love the book overall, I was surprised to find that I’d come to like her. The st ...

The Bachelor Auction

In this Cinderella-redux story, Jane divides her time between managing her demanding step-sisters and running her cleaning business. When she ends up at a fancy party and loses a shoe, she slips into a completely different world.  Our hero is Brock Wellington is a billionaire CEO; a gruff, severe m ...


I started listening to Elite with a preconceived idea of where the plot would go. I was expecting something paranormal. True, the synopsis didn't come right out and tell me the book would be full of vampires and shapeshifters, but something in its wording gave me that idea. Imagine my surprise when ...