Books by Shannon K. Butcher

Edge of Sanity

It is rare that I read a 300-plus page book and ask myself what just happened but that was the case with Edge of Sanity. By the time it was finished I wasn’t sure just how I had managed to spend hours reading what felt like a short – and extremely unbelievable – episode of Mission Impossible ...

No Escape

I haven’t read that many great romantic suspense books lately, but this story certainly met my craving for a romantic, compelling suspense tale. Grant Kent is on his way to a new security job after leaving the army when he gets a strange call from a former foster sibling, Isabelle Carson. He ...

No Control

No Control has a fast paced plot, a totally yummy hero, and a villain who is so sick and twisted she made my flesh crawl. Normally that would spell romantic suspense DIK for sure. If only the heroine hadn't been so inexplicably secretive and downright TSTL. Lana Hancock and a few friends we ...